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Thought Change Agent

Val Carter inspires people to create lasting change
for themselves and for their organizations
– and to have fun doing so!

When Val speaks, people connect. You hear them saying, “I can do that!” They’re engaged by Val's humour, energy and infectious enthusiasm. They’re challenged by her thought-provoking concepts, and inspired by her down-to-earth techniques and strategies for personal change .

She’s walked the talk. She knows the issues. From over 20 years of experience in the corporate, entrepreneurial, public and non-profit sectors around the world, Val has gained a wealth of knowledge – plus some excellent stories.

A real ‘people person’, Val is dedicated to energizing others, inspiring them to achieve greater success. Val’s audiences leave with new perspectives and a new vitality, eager to take action right away.

“Great speaker, absolutely great!
I would come to see her over and over again!”

“Interactive and engaging. Awesome session.”

One more thing...
Val is probably the only professional speaker you’ll meet who has won a goat in a national competition.